Friday, March 2, 2012

Behind the Page: Swinging Back and Forth

I made the shift again.  Swung away from it for a while, but lately...I seem to have gone back.  I have renewed my relationship with Kraft.  It is warm and cozy.  Something about it with primary colors.  I can't deny the appeal.

I also swung back to very minimal.  Just for this page...I tried to use a bold paper with these photos, but it was too much.  I twisted, turned, flipped and rotated, but the pattern clashed.  You have to know when to say goodbye.

The Kraft gives the sequence of pics a place to rest and allows for the other embellishments and choices to make a splash.  I tried to add interest in the details.  The wave of the baner, the pattern on the soccer ball, the unusual shapes of the flag.  The layout felt a bit plain so I added several circles  using my pen and whatever round-bottom objects that were within arm's reach.  Lazy scrapper, I am. 

Speaking of back and forth...that is what this layout is all about.  Look at Ella in these photos...actress!  She goes from face to face within seconds.  We have a constant volley. 

Even more back and forth...notice how much I hand cut for this layout.  Scissors are the best tool!  I handut the banner and all the different types of balls.  I love how each one has so much pattern and color on it.  Just a little works.

I used the Webster's Pages Game On for this layout! 

I am off...time to walk back and forth up the stairs playing nursemaid to my husband.  He is warm and cozy too so I guess I don't mind!


  1. Ella is hilarious in those photos. Glad to hear Steve is doing well. He should be, he's got the best nurse in town.


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