Monday, September 3, 2012

Behind the Page: City Love

I have been to many gorgeous, peaceful places.  Some right in my backyard.  I love those places that conquer up peace and make you think.  Those places that clear your head.

I make sure to look around and take that deep breath.  To listen to what my center has to say.  It is most open in those places, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

This summer, that place was Savannah.  I fell in love.  I felt in touch with all of it.  It was during a weekend where I had no choice but to be open.  I was exposing myself and being the most vulnerable I have ever been. 

But something about that place made me believe...made me relax.

It might have had something to do with the handsome man who walked right next to me along every sidewalk.  He held my hand and we dreamed big dreams.  Steven made Savannah even more special.

I had to scrap about her....the city that stole my heart.

I used new Lily Bee on this...I have some stash left from my CHA work.  This Persnickety collection is soo pretty and I adore the honeycomb paper.  I cut it apart to create the affect of sun rays. 

I am glad that I scrapped this topic and recorded my feelings about such a peaceful place.  Brings me right back to center.


  1. Gorgeous!! Fabulous design, wonderful colors..LOVE IT!

  2. Love it Stacey! Hope you get to visit Savannah again with your main squeeze. :)


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