Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's Musings: That Smile We Share

That smile....
it comes when you see someone you love.  Kids, husband, friends, family.

You don't force the smile or even think about it.
It just creeps and then takes over.

It changes your mood.  It takes away pain.  It makes you take pause.

I love to share in that smile.

But it is equally as cool to witness it.  I see it every night when Steve walks into Nathan's room for a snuggle.  I see it when Ella is hanging out with Daddy on the green chair.

Even though I am not in the exchange, I get to share in the smile.  Because those parts are mine too.  We created that together.

(Supplies:  Teresa Collins Vintage Finds including chipboard, stamps, dimensional stickers, borders, rhinestones, buttons and twine)
The dad he is...the joy that exists.  It is perfect and timeless.  It makes everything else okay.
And that makes me smile.

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