Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind the Page: Make Something Out of Something

Ever have a brilliant idea and are able to execute it?  I wonder how many times that has actually happened.  How many times have I had a real idea or plan before I started pushing paper?

I don't think it has been that many times.  Instead, many of the best, most creative ideas have come from discovering something along the way.  Many have come because my project just needed that step up at the end.

Sometimes, there are happy accidents.  A spill or rip. 

A bad cut along the center of a large paper flower?  One that resulted in a bit of crookedness and a very asymmetrical half flower.

Or it can be a cloud.  One of those flat-bottomed clouds.  An idea is born.

Those flat-bottomed clouds added the last touch to this layout.  It made that whimsy happen.  I finished it off with a large, mixed font alphabet.  I love this photo and the meaning it holds so I wanted it to have a special place to rest.

A little bling for the two girlies!

Those clouds...happily realized and then executed a few times over.

Making something out of something.

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