Sunday, October 14, 2012

At Home: Cobwebs and a Halloween Front Porch

Fall hits and I always get the decorating bug.  Who doesn't like to make the home cozy and warm during this season.  I have a particular affection for pumpkins and all the colors of Autumn.

I decided to decorate my front porch for Halloween this year.  Truth be told, it is my autumn front porch with a bit of cobwebs.  Little tweaks and tips and you have a pretty entryway into your home.

I keep this black chair and table out through spring, summer and fall. A few mums add the color I want.  I wrap my plastic mum pots in burlap to make them look prettier.  It is easy to do and is inexpensive.
I was surfing on Pinterest recently and saw pumpkins with custom designs and writing.  I decided to use a good Sharpie marker to write the word, "Welcome" on mine.  It was super easy.  First, I wrote in pencil and then I traced in black.  It wasn't dark enough so I used a marker that was made to write on was waterproof.  To get the marker to set, I used the blowdryer. 

Then the Halloween part.  I picked up a bag of cobwebs for $1.49.  I have to admit this stuff wasn't that easy to work with.  But it does look cute....and so real that my nephew was afraid to enter my house last week.

It says this stuff should catch onto any edge.  It didn't so I had to be creative.  I adhere the top of the web to my porch roof using sticky clips...I do like the way it scallops.  I also had to use some push pins to catch the ends.  I just simply wrapped extra webbing around the pin to hide it.  I also used a butter knife to tuck the webbing under the siding.

Now my porch is festive.  I may have to ask a relative to dress up like a witch and sit in that black chair for Halloween.  That will finish off the spook.

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