Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Knew: Card Making

I have never fancied myself a card maker.  Not like some of my card making idols.  I typically struggle with how to make an interesting card.

But, lately...I have discovered a new side of cardmaking.  I love using 6X6 pads because of the smaller patterns.  I also love the creativity of working with a small space. 

Here are two new cards that are up on the Lily Bee blog today.

I mixed and matched the collections to create these.  I went with color combinations to help me mix and match with ease.  The first uses softer colors.

Along with cardmaking, I have discovered how useful stamps are!  Hello final details and sentiments!

My second card uses a primary colored scheme.

I love those number circles from Christmas Cheer.  I also used the circle stamp from Persnickety to create the white circles along the top. 
If you consider yourself a card maker or not, you should head to the Lily Bee blog...there are amazing cards up today!


  1. these are both so fantastic!!!! You are definitely a carmaker!!!!

  2. I would say you are a card maker now! Gorgeous, Stacey!

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