Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Musing: Proud of Who He Has Become

My little guy turned eight years old yesterday.  How can he be 3/4 of my height?  I tried to pick him up yesterday, baby style and had a hard time.

He has those goofy eight year old teeth that are adorable.  He is so curious about learning, non-fiction and how things work.

I am so proud of his character, his nature.  Both are pure and kind.  Considerate and selfless.

I can really learn from him and feel like it is a gift that I get to be his mom.

He was three in this photo.  There he is with Ella...he looks after her all the time.  It is in his nature.

One year later. 
And last year.  Notice how it has changed a bit.  They are walking away from me...symbolic, huh.  They are more independent. 

This is another layout from my guest designing gig with Scrapping From the Inside Out.  I used the October Journey kit from to make this layout.  I adore this kit!

They are two together.

I trust in the man he will become.  I know he will be kind and giving.  Considerate and selfless.  I know he will look after Ella.  As a mom, I take great comfort in that fact.


  1. Love this reflective post on your son! The layout is such a testament to the love you have for them and the ability to let them far as they need to right now. That is something I need to work on ;)

  2. Beautiful blog post, wonderful pictures, amazing layout and a Happy Birthday to your amazing boy!

  3. Oh my goodness. This is so special and gorgeous!

  4. Like the cut outs


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