Sunday, January 20, 2013

At Home: Silly Time Weekends

We have decided to cut down on the screen time here in our household.  We noticed the kids were impatient and disorganized.  Having the distraction of screens has allowed them to focus better.

It has also created a lot more noise.  Giggles, indoor chases, pretend light saber battles.  Silly times.  I do sometimes wish there was a volume button, but I like the interaction.

It gives this one a chance to use his humor more.  He is silly, maybe even immature.  He is a bit shy about smiling because his teeth don't quite match his face yet...but on this day, we caught him laughing.

He comes out with great little quips, funny remarks.  It really wanted to document it because I wonder if he will be as silly as his dad when he grows up.

I used the new Teresa Collins He Said, She said line...this collection rocks!  I mean, it is really good.

I decided to cut the right side on the diagonal and make a cluster there.  That is a little random for me, but mixing it up is good.  Look at all the fun goodies! 

My kids are at a sleepover right now so my home is quiet.  Too quiet really.  I know within hours it will be filled up with silly times again.


  1. Such a FABULOUS layout. I sometimes wish there was a volume button to turn down too. They can be so noisy! That collection looks stunning!

  2. I love this Stacey! So many wonderful details!!


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