Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Trending: Center Focused

Styles look at your work one day and think, "hey...I have seen this before."  That is when it is time to make a card, design a project or go with a different style on a page.

I really love pages that are split into fourths...3/4 vs. 1/4 or thirds...1/3 vs. 2/3.  (I keep telling my kids at school that fractions are everywhere in real life...).  That is my usual style.  Top quarter with stuff, bottom with journaling, 1/3 along the and journaling in the other third.

Lately, I like the center focused page.  When I create this way, it requires more layering.  There is a need for some uneveness and that element or three that go over the straight edges.


I started in the middle for this one.  Little photo with lots of elements. Not only does this layout have a center focus, but it has an attached mini album.
I decided to document my family's resolutions this year.  Since there are four of us, I needed a way to include lots of journaling. 
The paper clip holds it closed and flat.  Simply remove the clip and you have a little book! 
To see how this was created, go visit the Lily Bee Design blog!  I give some instructions to follow! 
Center focused, attached was a shake-up.  What can I say...I am a classic overachiever!

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