Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY and Family Time

I will admit that while I am not a big fan of winter, I am a big fan of winter weekends.  The cold makes it okay to stay indoors, wear pajamas all day and have family time.  I actually did put on real clothes this weekend and headed out to Lowes.  It was a DIY weekend as I installed a Rubbermaid Fasttrack System in my linen closet.  I have a list of projects I want to complete this winter, many of which involve organization.  If you know of any good organization blogs or sites, let me know.

In between drilling and measuring, we had good family time.  We have cut down on the TV and have added chores into the mix.  It is good for the brain.

In between the errands and tasks, there have been many family laughs and smiles.  I hold on to how lucky we are to have that.  Still think about how I am going to cherish that time.

Because this smile along with Nathan's makes every day special.

I used the new Allison Kreft collection, Composition & Color, to make this layout.  Swoon on this line...really.  Run to get it!

My journaling describes sunshine on a cold day.  I will take it...


  1. Love this page! What wonderful colours and patterns in this collection! This is just so stunning :-)

  2. Fun page and what a lovely photo! I totally share your thoughts about winter! :)


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