Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Finish it Off

I wonder how you create a page.  Do you get the main elements and focal points down and worry about the embellishments after?  Or do you sketch out and plan every detail before you glue?

I often get a page down and am only somewhat happy with the result.  I try to have faith that the last minute touches can really push it to a different place.

When the mainstays are down and the page is almost there, I try to think about what would bring it up a bit.  Kinda like fashion.  What chunky necklace or scarf finishes off an outfit?

For the page below, the twine and title tag were last minute touches.  Those, "hmm, how can I make this page a bit more special."  Sometimes those ideas make me nervous, but often times they work out okay.

I love this photo because it shows Nathan in action!  He loves maps and history and all things nonfiction.  He was our tour guide in DC this summer.  The Far and Away collection by Teresa Collins is the perfect way to record vacation moments.  The maps make me so happy!

I wanted the page to have something unexpected so I added the twine lines from the compass to the globe.  I finished the strings off with enamel dots.  It gives the page texture and movement.

How do you go about finishing off your pages?  I would love to know...

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  1. Wonderful way to scrap that photo Stacey! Your design and colours both show it off and tell a story!Great design and wonderful details par usual my friend. You always have just the right details to finish a project off.:)


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