Sunday, February 24, 2013

At Home: Master Bathroom Renovation

I have waited for two years...lived in a dark, cramped space, dreamed every day of what a new space would look like.

We have arrived!  The master bathroom renovation is happening.  Like many renovations, we opened the walls and floors and found a ton of problems.  So the past two weeks have been all gutting, fixing, building pipes and installing electricity.

Our house belonged to my mother and father in law for many years and they ran a home day care center out of the great room.  There was the original, galley style full bath and then a changing room behind it.  We decided to make it into one, large master bathroom.


The view from the bathroom looking into the bedroom...old shower stall.


We removed the shower and linen closet completely to open up the space.  The door will be made larger and the wrap around vanity will start on this wall and continue around the L into the next space.


Old shower is on the left and then there was a doorway going into the changing room.

Standing in the same place.  The large shower will go where the sink and toilet were.  It is already being framed out below.  We love how the space opened up.

This was during the gut when the wall where the shower sat was still up. 

New shower will be here where the toilet was. That doorway to the hallway will be gone so the only way in will be through our bedroom.

It is very fun to see it all gutted and ready to go!  This is what I am hoping for when it is done.  I picked gray vanity cabinets like this image:

I wanted to do Carrara marble, but it stains easily and I need practical.  So I am going with River White granite.  It has gray and brown in it, which will match the floor.  Here is an example of the granite in a bathroom.  

Here is my inspiration for the shower.  I got large Carrara-like marble for the walls.

My flooring looks like wood, but is actually tile.  I am going with walnut for a contrast.  This tile is sold at Lowe's for $3.00 a square foot!  This is what it will look like.

Here in an inspiration board with my actual faucets, lighting, mirrors, tile for the shower floor as well as some ideas for how to add color and texture.

I am still wondering about wall color and if I should pop with yellow, coral or green.  What do you think?

I can't wait!  We are also renovating the downstairs half bathroom so I will be back to share the gut and inspiration next week!


  1. Ooooh that is going to be so beautiful. We will never get you out of the bathroom Stacey!!! And I think yellow would be amazing. The other colors too. Maybe you can change it out with the seasons. Yellow for spring and summer, green during the fall and maybe a coral during the winter???

  2. Best of luck and I can't wait to see the final results!:)

  3. Oh! I'm anticipating a very beautiful master bathroom. By looking at your inspiration photo, it's white and classy, so I'm sure that it'll be very elegant. Just a tip, since your bathroom's gonna be white, why not place fresh flowers to add color to the room? Good luck on the renovation. :)


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