Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Every Day is Mom and Dad's Day

Especially when every day is full of teaching manners, modeling responsibility and explaining life's lessons.  Every day holds a new challenge as a parent.  One day, we are asking too much according to our children and the next, we are treating them like babies.  Steve is really good at describing the why and whens to the kids.  Calmly, directly and in a way that they listen.  

One of the many reasons why he is a great dad.  I decided to document all the reasons why on this layout.  We are celebrating Father's Day over at the Lily Bee blog...this is my interpretation!

I used the tag as a journaling block.  I also decided to repeat circles big and small around the page.  I love the new alphabet stickers, particularly the size of the fonts.  This layout features Sweet Shoppe...awesome pop of black in this collection!

Every day is about parenting.  The best part...the daily hugs and love we get.  All that love is the greatest celebration ever!

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