Sunday, June 23, 2013

At Home: 1/2 Bath Renovation: Part 2

Nothing like renovating and then renovating that renovation.  It happened.

We redid our downstairs half bath this spring and I fell in love.  The original post can be found here.  As we moved the renovation to the upstairs master bath, we realized that we had extra tile left over.  Beautiful Carrera marble in a hexagon shape.  See, I ordered the tile online because the price was cheaper.  We didn't actually use it all upstairs.  I figured that I could just return the rest.  Little did I know, the return time on online orders like that is very limited.  Hmmm...

So I wondered and thought about how I could use up more of that pricey tile.  I had the idea to use it as a backsplash.  Right in this space.

It needed a little something, right? In order to have a backsplash, you need to have a counter. I had such a hard time thinking about what color I wanted. Having seen an inspiration photo over at Houzz, I decided on stainless stain. Did you know that stainless steel countertops can cost as much as granite? Since this was a renovation on top of a renovation, my budget was limited.

Two ideas came to mind.  Formica and Wilsonart both make a faux stainless steel countertop.  I sent away for samples and it looked pretty good.  But, my other idea was Ikea.  I hoped that maybe, just maybe they made something that could work.  After a trip to the store and lots of exploring, I found the Sanfrid stainless steel tabletop.  Only a few inches too big, I decided it would do.  My fab contractor was able to cut it down to size.  Best part, the Ikea version was only $129.00.

I used a medium gray grout in between the tile.  It totally pops the room and makes it feel pulled together.

I also wanted to share my cafe curtains with you.  The room is gray with while wainscotting.  I needed some color in there, but a panel would be too much.  I love roman shades, but honestly, they are expensive.  Plus, I wanted something to block the bottom half of the window.  I bought one Yellow Paisley panel  from Target.  I simply cut the panel in half, cut the length to size and sewed in hems! The cafe curtains are perfect for giving privacy and a punch of bold color.

I can happily say that this room is done.  As in done, done.  

That is until I decide to change the accent color to a coral or teal.  


  1. There are times when we renovate our rooms again and again since we believe that we're not yet satisfied with the outcome. In your case, adding the countertop and the backsplash made that area look very nice and presentable. It's also a nice idea that you added the cafe curtain, since it really added a punch of color. Great renovations!

  2. Love it! Great ideas on a limited budget and it looks very professional!!

  3. I agree with Kip. The countertops added appeal to that area. At the same time, it created more space for your stuff. Sometimes, it takes a lot of trial and error method in our renovations so that you can get the design that you'll be comfortable with. In case you don't want to risk so much funds for that, you can talk to your contractors and give them the details of your preferred design. They'll do their best in transforming your house into a home. :)

  4. I'm considering cutting a Sanfrid desk top too, but for a slightly different purpose. Do you know how your contractor cut it? Do you know what the interior is made of?



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