Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Musings: Smores Might Taste Good...

But they are not good for the 40+ year old body.  It is amazing how things shift and ache and creak.  Two weeks of no exercise and a couple of extra smores equals downward shifting.  I don't remember it being like this when I was younger.

My BFF Marcia and I would get extra cheese pizza and pizza rolls from a local place at least once a week.  Tina, the other BFF, would drive us to get hot chocolate chip pie with ice cream.  I once ate two Jim Dandies in one sitting. 

College was full of Dominos and Doritos.  I ate enough ranch dressing to own stock in Hidden Valley.  I put that stuff on every single piece of cafeteria food.

Even in my 30's, I loved having crusty bread with every meal and ice cream every night.

Childhood, youth...full of yummy and yucky food stories.  That is a part of it all.

Now, I live through my kids.  Watch them rock the smores out.  Sure I have is hard to stop there, but that shifting and aching and creaking 

I used the new Adrienne Looman/Webster's Citrus Squeeze collection for this.  I have been so drawn to the reds, whites and blues of this collection.  I made myself use the green and I am sooo glad I did.  It is a great color to have as a base!  I am in love with all the elements that can be cut from this line.

The bird and fun circle, the tab and even the So Much Fun label...all cut out!

Even though I can't eat like I used to, there is such a thing as cheat days.  I am going to cherish those!

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  1. So cute Stacey!!! I am a BIG fan of cheat days...although I seem to have more cheat days that good days lately...HA!!


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