Sunday, September 29, 2013

At Home: Boy's Room Update

For months, I walked by Nathan's room and wanted to change it.  Some of the furniture was too bulky and the color scheme just didn't fit.

We started brainstorming what he might like.  He wanted baseball and maps.  I thought those two things could work together.  I pinned a ton of inspiration!

My first goal was to add stripes in order to update the light blue wall color.  I like it, but it was too much.  I wanted to make it a space he could grow into as he gets older.

The results:

The light blue was already on the walls.  I updated it with the gray paint on the top and the navy and orange stripe.  Stripes are not easy.  Frog tape and all.  I had a ton of leaks and squiggly lines on my first coat.  Then I researched how to add stripes using a sealing technique.  It worked like a charm.  It is extra work, but was worth it. 

It is a small room with only one window.  So space planning is key.  I wanted a small desk that fit the space nicely.  I got this gray beauty from Target, online only. 
I originally wanted a vintage roll down map.  Boy, are those expensive.  Then I started looking online for other options.  Most were $75.00 plus dollars.  As the start of school got closer, I realized that I should check the teacher's store.  I scored that world map for $20.00.  It is perfection!
This is a gallery wall that I made using Target frames and my scrapbooking supplies.  Seriously, the whole thing cost $25.00.  I will be back soon to share some detail shots!  The art helped me bring in colors I wanted to emphasize.
This is his baseball and sports area.  I hung the key hook up and decided to use it to display his sport's medals.  It adds to the wall without being overwhelming.

His bed area displays his baseball pennants. I combined different bedding, going with a gray and white striped comforter from Target along with orange and white sheets.  I love mixing bedding! 
He loves his room and has thanked me so many times.  Now when I walk by, I am just happy. 


  1. I love it!!! Pinning this since I am working on Alex's room. Can you email me where you got the bed. I can't find anything I like for him. I love the bedding, too. Love everything.

  2. This is fantastic! Goes to show you can achieve a great look without going crazy with money! :D


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