Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday's Musings: The Characters We Are

Each person in my house has a different personality.  We all serve different roles and contribute in a unique way. 

Steve is responsible and funny.  He is highly organized, but sometimes rigid.  He is the one who pursues a simple, happy life.  I am type A, a bit moody.  I am highly reflective so life is about how I can always enhance or treasure my relationships.  Ella is vivacious, energetic and outgoing.  She is highly helpful and sometimes fresh.  She is the one who is way too savvy for her young age, yet she gets things on a high level.  Nathan is loving and considerate, a bit too routined.  He worries a lot.  He is highly sensitive, which makes him always look out for others.  He is the one who teaches us about unconditional love and impeccable manners.

We all are different characters.  What I really care about is our core character.  We are models for each other every day.  I see Ella being helpful so it teaches me that virtue.  And so on and so forth. 
A fitting page as Nathan is dressed as one of his favorite characters, Harry Potter.  My children love to read, which makes us happy.

I used the Composition and Color plus some Sweetness, both by Allison Kreft, to make this layout.

What radiates from each of us is special.  It is to be fostered and shaped so we remain strong characters who possess even stronger character.

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  1. awesome LO!! I love the horizontal lines across your page..x


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