Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Musings: Hear Me Roar

I believe that people are capable of change.  They can grow and learn and adopt new ways.  However, I don't think anyone can make you change.  Only you have the power to jumpstart that renewal and to keep it going until you have found a new way of being.
I set goals all the time.  Usually the goals are centered around career or fitness or basic to-do lists.  I set goals for what I wanted to achieve in this industry.  In the recent years, the goals have centered around how to change those bad habits that continue to haunt.  I wanted to get rid of the usual and very ineffective way of dealing with things.  We learn our coping strategies at an early age and it is hard to work out of those even as a 42 year old.
But I have worked hard, have reflected.  The most important thing is that I opened my heart.  I fully and whole heartedly wanted to become more compassionate, to let myself love freely with kindness.  There is a contentment within my soul.

I am quiet inside.  I feel stable and strong.

I used this title before Roar hit the radio...LOL!  I used the September Scrapbooking from the Inside Out kit to make this layout.
There are so many cool elements like this cardstock woman cut-out and the star flair button.  The elements really are an expression of how I am feeling.
The best part is that change has this snowball effect.  One good thing leads to another.  An open heart equals better relationships equals a more open heart.

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