Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Old Photo in a New Way

Sometimes I get into these funks where I simply don't take photos.  How many pictures of my kids smiling do I need?  Just kidding.  It is more the lack of time and energy.  While my photos are always new, I might get some new products and be inspired to tell a story.  I will pull out an old photo and use it in a new way.

This is a perfect example.  I love this photo of my son and nephew.  The bond they share is great and you can see it in this picture.  So, I wanted to scrap it and talk about how close they are.

I love this new collection from Teresa Collins!  It is called, Hello My Name Is.  The kraft and red are a great combination.  It is a fun line full of really cool embellishments. 


I love the new tags that come with the collections. Words and images can really set the
tone. That is totally Teresa's strength and she helps me tell my story!
I adore this photo, old or new.  So why not use it? 


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  2. I agree. Now that my kids are teens and I get more behind in scrapbooking, I find myself using a lot of older photos.

    Betsy at

    P.S. I love the red and tan of this collection.


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