Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top Ten of 2013

I always love looking back on the year and choosing 10 of my favorite layouts from the year.  When I was picking pages, I think I focused on ones where there is a story to tell.  I also love using different techniques.

My top ten:

I adore this photo because I used to look at him that same way when I was her age.  I still do...

Again, I love this photo and how it captured Nathan's innocence!  I also have a thing for Allison Kreft!

I just love how mixed and unmatched this is.  Freedom on a page.

This one is just pretty and I love how sweet Ella looks.  It is one of those girly, girl pages.

I love good Instagram photos and this is one of my favs.  I like the blocks here.

 This one is newer, but I love what it stands for.  Those little hearts represent so much!
I just love the dark background on this page.  The whole thing is symbolic and funny to me.

One of my very favorites.  Love Nathan is this picture.  And I adore this technique!

Again, the meaning and story behind this page touches my heart!  I just love the retro color scheme and that map!
 This page shows my boy at his best, busy and drawing.  I love all the little elements.

It has been a good year creatively.  I am so lucky to be a part of some great teams.  I am looking forward to this year and just experimenting with art!



  1. Awesome top 10 list. Check out my list:

  2. Love these--I think the anchor one is my favorite:)


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