Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Musings: She Had a Bad Day

Don't we all?  My daughter has talked to me today several times about how today was just plain hard.  Things didn't go well for her, according to her.  She gave me a list of things that weren't in her favor.  Getting snapped at by a cranky mom probably didn't help.

I went upstairs to tuck her in and found her crying in her bed.  My heart broke.  I asked her why and she said again how bad her day was.  I told her a little secret.  Everyone has a bad day.  The good thing is that the day comes to an end.  You can wake up to a brand new one.

I also told her that she could always call me when she was having a bad day.  Even if she is 28 and living in Utah.  She asked if we could face time.  I confirmed that as acceptable.  She then informed me that she would probably never live in Utah since she never even heard of it.

Those small moments in life are so important.

I hope to be there for her.  Even when I am cranky.  I hope she knows that we all have bad days.  It is what you do the next day that matters the most.

I used Webster's Pages from my stash.  I love the soft elements on this page.  These photos capture Ella at her most vulnerable.
The small moment we had tonight will help us both identify who we are and what we know to be important. 
So maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.

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