Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inside the Art: Everything Here

I caught these really cool shots the night of the Father/Daughter dance at Ella's school.  She takes this event very seriously.  We have to shop for a new outfit, do her hair and put on some lip gloss.  Daddy is not allowed to see her dress until the big moment when she walks down the stairs.
Makes me imagine what her wedding day will be like...I can burst when I think about that.
I decided to scrap these photos to fit the Soft and Strong theme this month at Inside Out.  I mixed lots of patterns on this page.
Those letters actually spell out, Soft and Strong, but the glare on the gold killed it!  I have everything I need.  These two plus Nathan fill me up with love and contentment.  They are my soft, strong and my sense. 
I wrote this word in cursive and then hand cut it!  It is a solution for me when I am too lazy to pull out a cutting machine!
I love this pretty kit!  Be sure to check it out!  The club is also looking for guest designers!  It is really a great experience to explore through art.

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