Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our BFF!

Ever since I read the book "Marley & Me", I find that I appreciate our dog even more than before. And I make sure to find time every day to hang out with Coop! He is our 7 year old, 100 lb. golden retriever. Our original child and now the best friend to the family. It is funny how pets can make such an impact on a family! The journaling on this one reads: I once said that you were one lucky dog. But really we are the lucky ones. You teach us how to be loyal and loving, how to play, finding simple pleasure on a sunny day. You teach us to stop and relax, demanding at least one belly rub every day. You add so much to our lives. Yes, you are a dog, but you're also our bff.

I used some Pink Paislee yummies on this layout. I will never grow tired of the Vintage Moon line. That shade of blue with the oranges--makes me happy! I cut the branch and those sprigs from sheets of the patterned paper.

Speaking of Best Friends Forever, I am off to brunch with my best friends from high school. We decided to not attend our 20 year (yes, I said 20) reunion and just go out to a fabulous dinner instead. Try making that work with three busy women. Couldn't, so now we are doing brunch. I don't care as long as I get to spend time with them and have some quiet, non-mommy time!!! I hope to get some great pics too!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

**EDITED with pics! Just wanted to thank my two lovely friends Marcia and Tina for a wonderful afternoon. We had great food, great conversation, and great fun! Wish we could do it more often! P.S. We don't look so bad for three gals who graduated from high school 2o years ago! LOL!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends! Adorable layout, I have some of that PP line, I keep changing my mind what to do with it.

  2. This is so adorable! I just love that paper line and you used it so well. We sent our golden retriever away to live w/ friends on a big farm. We miss him, but there were several reasons that we just couldn't keep him here anymore--for his best interest and ours.

  3. You all look amazing :) Thank you for your kind comments and stopping by my blog - great LO I just got some of that line FINALLY and hope to make some stuff this weekend...

  4. I would rather do a fancy dinner with friends then go to a reunion! They did not even mention anything for 25!

  5. Love your PP layout. I love that line too. Just so pretty.

    You girls are gorgeous and don't look a day over 25. :)

    I "celebrated" my 15th this year. *sigh*

  6. Love the "Coop" LO! My sister's first child is a 8yo 100 lb golden... funny thing, her first two daughters have hair that match their big "sister"! LOL

    Happy 20th reunion! I missed my 25th last year. YIKES!!!!!!! Scary how fast time goes!!!

  7. What a sweet layout of your puppy Stacey! That picture of you three is just too cute! Hope you had fun! :)

  8. Aww, what great photos of you guys! What a good idea to skip the reunion and hang out together - I think I need to steal that idea from you ;-) Love that layout of your cutie pie doggy!!

  9. Awww- loving that I made your blog. The pictures came out great. I had fun at brunch too, we don't do it nearly enough


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