Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am beyond swamped with life right now! Too many things due at work, scrapbooking deadlines looming, doctor's appointments and laundry. Whew! Being a working mom is soo tough some times! I long to just visit people's blogs and veg out while looking at eye candy! Tomorrow night, I am catching up! I deserve it! I did this layout a while back as an assignment for ScrapStreet Magazine. Love the bright Fancy Pants paper! It suits my daughter's energy! Whenever she gets excited or is proud of herself, she throws her arms out and yells, "Tada". Don't know who taught her that! I wonder we she gets her dramatic streak from! LOL!

Off to bed now. I have been glued to the TV tonight as history has just been made in our country. I want to live in a place where we can live judgement free and where things like color, size, disability and religious beliefs are recognized, honored. A place where we look for strengths, embrace uniqueness, and just care about a common cause. Not sure if this history will help us get there or not. I am choosing to have faith that it will.

Off my soap box and into bed! Good night everyone!


  1. I envy you! I am a sahm and could not imagine what you go through! I think we both have it hard! You have the right to be on your soapbox! Stopping by from OOTF

  2. I have something to tell you (good), but don't have an e-mail address for you. Can you have Danielle send your e-mail to me via MySpace, so I can e-mail you?

    Tanya C-L

  3. Love the LO you daughter looks so cute

  4. Hey Stacey! I know how the pressures of life seem to build up on you sometimes. I'm feeling a bit that way myself right now. But we will muddle through it and end up on top.
    Love your bright and happy page. You DD is at such a wonderful ago.

  5. I am right there with being a working mom and with the economy right now, I am working two jobs. I like what Audrey said, we will just muddle through one day at a time. You can get up on your soap box any time! I wholeheartedly agree with what you said. I love your layout, but then I always love your work!! You rock girl and I hope you get some fun, just for you scrapping time! You deserve it!

  6. It is so hard to be a mom, so many things to do, so much to feel guilty about if things aren't just so. It's tough, and working on top of that is just so hard. Beautiful layout, great picture, I love those unscripted moments! Just let me know what you need, here for you.

  7. Sorry things have been so hectic. I know how you feel. I'm a SAHM, but either way things are never ending...Hope you get some free time soon, and that layout is just gorgeous! I love the design and the colors are just perfect :)

  8. Super cute layouts! Yes, life can get so hectic!!!! Just make sure you take some time for yourself!


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