Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Can You Not?

This is my official slogan for CHA! How can you not have every Pink Paislee collection this release? How can you not love the monsters from Sass? How can you not be a huge fan of Webster's newest lines!?

The show has been quiet, but that is just fine! No fighting over seeing the lovely product! October Afternoon is just adorable! I went over to Cosmo and had the pleasure of meeting Eric and Julie in person! They are really lovely.

I have met lots of online friends like Emily, Paula, Celeste, Lucy, Ronda, Jennifer and many more!

Here are some of my favorite lines!

Pink Paislee Amber Road!

The Christmas line is just genius! I will get pics tomorrow!

October Afternoon showed two new lines!

Farm Fresh:

They are also showing a school line!

Jenni Bowlin is so pretty too!

And I love Sassafras!


Sigh! Do you see why I say "how can you not?"--so much to choose from! I have more favorites too and will share tomorrow! Having fun at the show and with the girls!

Off to drool over catalogs!


  1. Oooh, thanks for the pics! I love the new October Afternoon! I wish I was there, and not just because it's 107 here in Oregon!

  2. Yes...thank you for the pics. Drooling over here for sure.

  3. Oh boy I wish I could be there!! TFS the pics..

  4. i'm sooooo jealous, wish iwas there!! Have Fun!!

  5. Ack, i'm so jealous I can't stand it, lol! Sounds like you're having a blast, can't wait to hear more!

  6. Very cute, Stacey. I love that Farm Fresh collection. Do ya think we can talk Leah into getting paper with cows on it? Maybe not but I can totally see myself using it :) I bet you are just having the time of your life. Meeting Julie and Eric? How fun!!!! Now they'll HAVE to put you on the team.

  7. OOoooh AAaaahhh thank you for posting these Stacey, I have been anxiosly awaiting to see what OC will come up with next and there is no doubt the more than a few of those papers will find there way to my house. Thanks for sharing have fun!!

  8. Oh I want it all!!!! Wow that is some fabulous stuff!!! So glad that you are having a great time and thanks for sharing it all with us!!!! :)

  9. WOW!!! Look at all of those pretty papers!!!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  10. nice!!!! Hope your having a great time!

  11. It was great getting to meet you IRL, Stacey! Wish we could have had more time to chat. :)

    Your pics of CHA are fabulous! I should have done better. ;)


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