Friday, July 3, 2009

That Doesn't Go There

I would like you to notice something. Look carefully at the picture above and examine how Cinderella's head is missing. Imgaine the size of it.

Imagine now hearing your three year old daughter call from the living room and say words you don't think can be true. "Mommy, the Cinderella's head is stuck up my nose!"

Huh, "Why would you do that?" was my first thought. "It can't be real," was my second. But after searching the floor for the small, flexible, plastic head, I realized it was nowhere to be found. Ella is pretty smart (if you are not using this as an example) so I knew she was telling the truth. Off to the medical center.

Yep, I see it, the doctor told me. But he couldn't get it out. Off to the ER.

Yep, I see it, the doctor told me. Three men to hold her down and a long skinny "foreign object" retriever, and it was out.

Nice, real nice. I am glad that it turned out this well. And I hope she learned a lesson.

I also thought that I would post the insides of my little recipe box that is down in my Cosmo Cricket post! I made individual dividers using the elements cards, chipboard, and scraps!

Ahh, let's hope the rest of the day is uneventful.
And that my children keep all toys and other foreign objects out of their small body parts.


  1. Stacey, it's bad that I'm laughing about the Cinderella head story, so sorry but it is funny. It's all ha ha now that it turned out okay. When I saw the picture my first thought was, hey, my DD has that!! Maybe I should confiscate it while she is taking a nap :)

  2. I too am laughing and I know i ahould not be.....oh no what a story to remember!!!!!!! I am so glad they were able to get it out without having to do something major!!!! Love the recipe book!!! Have a great weekend, sweet friend!!! :)

  3. Ima CC to really pick you up!!

    Now she is all looking so innocent in that pic, and scared the willies outta ya ..

    and girl thx for the love boo know I heart you . .. x100.

  4. Oh me! What an eventful day! I had a chipboard album that still had the round centers where the rings would go, when I punched them all out my daughter was playing with them. They were about the size of hole punch confetti. I actually saw her stick one up her nose and just about flipped out. I could not get it out and was thinking we were gonna have to take a trip to the ER. Luckily she sneezed and out it came!

  5. Sounds like a long day!

    Only the smartest children put things in their nose. My object of choice was a Hershey Kiss wrapper. My mother's- a blue crayon.

    Love the recipe cards!

  6. lol..who knows why kids do the things they do? The pediatrician in town always says he's looking at the bunny when he peeks into kids ears, so my little cousin once got a potato chip stuck in his ear b/c he was trying to "feed the bunny" lol.

    LOVE the CC stuff, by the way!

  7. OK, now that all is well... that's hilarious! LOL! Glad they were able to retrieve it, and I bet she never does that again. Does leave me wondering what possessed her to do it THIS time, though, rofl!

  8. Oh no! Hope the rest of your weekend is uneventful. VERY cute recipe cards by the way!


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