Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Love to Listen In

when they are talking, playing, laughing...

I could leave the fighting part...

but the rest, I love.

Since school started, I hear them a lot.  Mostly Ella asking questions and Nathan giving her the lowdown.  They help each other in the morning to remember the backpacks, lunches, etc.

I love it!  I often leave the eavesdropping session feeling very proud.

I made this for the Bella Blvd. call using the Family Dynamix collection!  I threw in some One Fall Day...still love those clouds.  Even though I didn't make it :(, I look forward to seeing their new team.  I am a fan.  Always will be...

This layout speaks to says that they love each other...

and I love them.


  1. this is truly loud and clearly beautiful page of yours! what an amazing red and beautiful pics too...Love all those papers.

  2. This is so cute, Stacey. I am sorry you didn't make the team because I always like what you do with their stuff.

  3. sorry about Bella, but know they'll likely be keeping their eye on you girl :)

  4. This is an absolutely adorable layout. Love it!!!

  5. wow this is BEAUTIFUL! (don't ever think I've ever made a comment on your blog...) sorry you didn't make it, I didn't either! Curious to see who it will be--and truthfully I love their stuff too!

  6. Love this layout Stace. I'm sorry you didn't make the team either. But I know that won't prevent anyone from looking at your gorgeous work! :)

  7. This is adorable!! I always love to listen to my kids banter back and forth too and they are grown...guess it never gets old!


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