Sunday, September 4, 2011

Living a Colorful Life

Ahhh...long weekend is in full effect!  It has been a mixture of relaxation and getting errands done.  All valuable.

In the spirit of really living it, I am going to keep today's post short.I found this at Pinterest a while back and loved the feel of it.

I decided to turn the sentiment into a layout!  I would love for my kids to learn how to do this.  Live a colorful life, rich and full of experiences.  I want them to take risks and go big.

I had originally thought about creating sunbeams with the patterned paper.  It turned into this, which I like!  I made this for the Webster's Page's September challenge over at Inspire Me!  Come over and join in the challenge for a chance to win a prize pack!

The focus was on using the Dazzle Me Gems.  Brandin designed these to look like jewelry...they are stunning!  I used on just as it comes and then cut another apart into strands.  I thought that stitching would be a great way to distinguish the different papers, but I don't sew.  So...I used the gems instead.  I also used the new All About Me collection including the sparkle push pin and fabric tickets.

I am hoping you are leading a colorful life
today and every day!


  1. Stacey - your layout and sentiment are beautiful. Though, I must say be careful what you wish for! I do say it tongue in cheek. My daughter is doing just that -chasing a life of rich experiences - and she is about to embark on a 3 month trek through Australia and New Zealand! On one hand I am so proud and excited, and on the other I'm scared, nervous, and sad because I will miss her! But it is so exciting to see our kids grow and live their dreams! I'm sure yours will too!


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