Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Open Heart

I have learned many things based on my life experiences.

One of them is to close the door to uncomfortable situations.  As fast as I can.  I am not afraid of confrontation and can advocate for myself.  By uncomfortable, I mean...situations that leave me vulnerable.

You build this perception of who you are and how loved you are.  You think you know the truth.  That your perspective is right and just and based on fact.

Sometimes it is not.

Sometimes strangers are angels in disguise with the stories they share.  Stories that come at the right time.

Sometimes strangers who are much more than strangers open the door.  And, by their kind and brave actions, they hold that door open at any cost...leaning, pulling, standing in the threshold.

Until you can't close it.  By then, you don't really want to anymore.

I let the door stay opened and so many amazing things have happened.  My perceptions are changed.  They have been false in nature the whole time.  If not false, then skewed.

and realizing that is changing me. 

I used the new Botanical Christmas collection from Webster's Pages to create this layout!  Those doors got my wheels turning!  This collection is not just for the holidays!

I want to go to the door that has been opened and walk right on through.  I think there are great things on the other side...


  1. absolutely gorgeous Stacey! Wow! This is amazing!!!

  2. Stacey, this is brilliant! I am in awe!:)

  3. It is wonderful! So glad I saw this at the Nook.

  4. This is gorgeous and so insightful. So glad I saw this thread at the Nook.

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  6. YAY! Your blog likes me again :D Earlier it wouldn't let me leave a comment no matter how many times I tried. That page is gorgeous!! You know I'm a huge fan.

  7. Gorgeous layout !
    Thanks for your insights at the Nook.

  8. I think it's one of your pages I love the most, the photo of you is gorgeous.

  9. Came over from the nook to say how much i appreciate you sharing your mentor story

  10. Stunning page, Stacey! Love the whole concept of your page and your honest journaling on your blog post.

  11. I am IN LOVE with this layout Stacey. It's so divine! And that picture of you, boy, you're GORGEOUS!


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