Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Right...

to the right
to the left, to the left...

oh, sorry...I forgot where I was!  I did have my dancing shoes on this weekend at my dad's retirement party.  He got us all out on the floor with his pure joy of dancing...he has the moves!

Speaking of moves, my daughter...she is a show stopper.
Think Elaine from Seinfield, but very cute and charming in a way that only Ella can be.  She choreographs a routine every time she dances.  She watches dance shows and practices all the time.  I will admit it...I often join her on what is known as our kitchen dance floor.  Poor Steven tries to do the dishes and we are moving and shaking all around!

I love her bravery, her strength and confidence.  You can't teach that.  I don't ever want her to lose that.  I can be feisty and free, but it is calculated and only displayed under certain circumstances.  It just happens for her without a thought. 

She has been like this since she was born!  It has been a beautiful blur.

I used the September kit from My Scrapbook Nook to make this layout!  Gosh, I love Crate Paper.  And this kit feautures Webster's is a beautiful marriage!

I placed most of my goodies along the right side of the layout, something I haven't done too much before.  I think it gives great balance for the larger photo.  I had completed this for the Crate Color Challenge, but didn't get it in to Tara on time.  I love the pink and orange together!

Wishing you a happy sure to find some time to dance!


  1. How beautiful is she!?!?!?!? I loveeeeeee this!:):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Such an adorable layout - just love it to bits!


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