Sunday, December 4, 2011

At Home: DIY Swag

Happy Sunday!  This weekend is our only slow weekend for the month of December.  We spent is decking the halls as a family!  The rooms are decorated and the trees are up!  I will have pics of my living room decor next week...but wanted to share some easy DIY ideas today!

Of course, I have been inspired by Pinterest yet again...

I have seen a variety of these...

and this....

so I made this:

Want to know how?  First, go to Jo'ann's when they are having a fifty off sale...grab a variety of large evergreen picks.  Pick up a set of bells...I got mine at Kohl's for 50% off...score!

Collect your evergreens...this would work with the real stuff too, but I want to have this year after year!  I had to use wire cutters to trim the stems on each one.

 I had to remove some of the pine cones from these...keep them!   I am going to show you what you can do with them over the next couple of At Home posts!

Layer these on top of each other, each one longer than the other.

That is my daughter dressed up as Batgirl coming to my rescue!  Fasten with heavy duty elastic bands.

To hide the bands and create a way to fasten your bells...grab some ribbon.  Cut a small piece off and wrap it around to hide the elastics.  I used Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive to help!

Then grab more ribbon to make your bow!  Before tying your knot, loop the bells through so they are securely attached to your swag.  Mine came with this cool ring at the top!

Finish off your bow and you are ready to hang it up...I tied a small piece of ribbon around the top and tied that to a nail on my front door!  Pretty, huh...and cheap...and festive!

It will welcome my visitors all season!


  1. Oh how pretty your swag turned out! Better than both inspiration photos! :)

  2. okay, we must be reading each other's minds, or in to too much Pinterest ;) because I did the same type of swag for our front door, only I added a monogram M to it. LOVE the way yours turned out! Super cute! :D

  3. love the frame with ornaments...thanks for sharing


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