Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts: The Unexpected

Ahh...the unexpected.  We have had an "unexpected happen"...money stuff.  A big ticket item is needed and it is not something we were thinking about.  Boy, does something like this cause stress.  The holidays are here, the renovation occurred and everyday costs are up.  This unexpected makes my head spin.

I guess it is one of those things you deal with.  You pull up your big girl pants and move on.  I have a great husband who is smart and careful.  It will be okay. 

The holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and reflection, but they leave me stretched and tired.  So I am looking for ways to stand still for a moment and get my head on straight.  I hit my Insanity workout like a maniac tonight.  I will say that exercise brings me to a different place...I am calmer and more settled after.  It is worth every sweaty and hard second.  And I will try to go to bed early for a few nights.  I made myself stop tonight and just look at my kids as they ate dessert at the table.  They were laughing and happy.  I absorbed that energy.

Other than that, I am thinking about a stiff drink and maybe hiding under my covers. 

I know that won't work so I think I will stare at this happy face and let it all disappear!

How I love this picture of my son!  It made our Christmas card, which I just ordered at the last minute.  Yep, I told you...overwhelmed.  You can sense his inner spirit!  I used Crate Paper's Random here...most of those colors are pinks and yellows, girl colors.  But there are some great boy hues as well!  That denim...swoon!

I went with a circle theme here...the banners and circles and scallops reminded me of a happy circus!

Sounds like my life right now...unexpected stuff and all!


  1. LOVE this page! I certainly don't deal well with the unexpected...hope it all works out for you!

  2. Sending you much love. Hope everything will turn out okay for you.

  3. absolute gorgeous, that denim paper are just so beautiful and great and suitable for this page, love the circles and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Same exact thing for us this week--a major unexpected expense. No fun at all!

  5. As always another AMAZING layout! I'm so glad you took the time to watch your kids eat dessert and enjoy the moment....those are the little things you should cherish...Just try to enjoy the journey! It's so hard this time of year but so worth it. {{{hugs}}} and Merry Christmas!

  6. Hugs to you friend! You know I'd be there with a stiff drink in a heartbeat. :) Love this layout. The circles are amazing and that face? It put a smile on mine!


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