Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings: Friends

Why does a thirty minute drive seem so impossible when you are in the midst of a crazed life?  It evens seems too much the five minutes before you have to leave.  Once you get over the time and the effort, you realize how worth it is it.  How fast the time went by and how very little effort it actually took.

Yet, that thirty minute drive sometimes means you only see your friends once every 8 months.  The drive home makes you realize that 8 months is too long, much too long.

After that thirty minute drive today, I had the chance to catch up with old friends.  Two of the best.  The girls who have seen me through all of my adult life and before.  We were awkward teenagers...they were rebellious...I was always the mom.  We experienced homecoming, keg parties in the woods (so maybe I was a little rebellious) and shared clothes.  They may have rigged the junior prom queen voting or at least strongly campaigned on my behalf.  We traveled through single adulthood...all getting married later in life.  We danced in Miami and had wine in Martha's Vineyard.  We went through the triumphs, heartbreak and tribulations of becoming parents...later in life.

It was nice to sit at lunch with them.  To see how they have thrived in life.  I wish we lived closer.  Yet, sometimes a ten minute drive seems as daunting as a thirty minute one when you are immersed in daily life of working, being married and taking care of children. 

I hope to teach Ella about the power of girlfriends.  How to hold tight to the long lasting ones.  Those few that see you in all lights and stay around anyway.

It starts at this age...

Made with the beautiful Feb. kit from My Scrapbook Nook featuring Lilybee and Maya Road.

It can continue on.  I will have to teach Ella that friendship is hard when you are an adult. I need to remember that there is Facebook, texts and email. We can track each other's pins. And we can make that thirty minute drive more often that every 8 months.  It is worth it.


  1. Such a great reminder!!! Thank you!

  2. Great post Stacey! So true about frienships. Fabulous layout! You do Lily Bee so well. Love the design and paper choices!:)

  3. So cute !!! J'adore !!
    Happy new year !
    Bizz à toute ta famille...


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