Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Musing: Being You

I just want to be free to be me.  With my family, my friends, my job. Adopt a "either you love me or not" philosophy so that when people don't, its okay.  It is something I can acknowledge and reflect upon...and then let go.  It hurts when someone doesn't like you or someone is mad at you...deserved or not.  I might wish for forgiveness, but it doesn't always come.  I learned something this week that hurt my feelings.  Someone talking about me behind my back when I thought the situation was just done.  I just want it to be a non-issue.  The relationship is over and that is that. At the end of the day, I am who I am and that will not match with everyone.

This applies to scrapbooking too.  It is supposed to be an outlet.  A way to express myself. I love when I can grab a stack of scrappy stuff and just be me.  Free to create. Free to tell the stories that mean something to me.  When the product you are working with brings you to a new place.  I love when it is a good fit.

It is amazing how connected real life and scrapbooking is represented in the other.

I went off on a tangent again...LOL!  My initial reason for making this post was to announce the new direction that Webster's Pages is moving in!  Brandin has come up with the amazing idea to add to her amazing collections.  Instead of 6 papers, each collection will now have 12.  Six of the papers will be traditional Webster's.  The other 6 will be Clean and Simple...think bold colors, smallers patterns and solids.  Yes, solids to rest all of those amazing WP fussy cuts upon!

I have the new Sunday Picnic collection in my is a breath of fresh air!  It felt so good, so me to use the solids as a major part of my designs!  My fellow clean scrappers will adore more being afraid of Websters!  Here is a sneak:

Do you see the possibilities!?  Here is my interpretation using the new Clean & Simple papers along with the traditionally designed WP!

I love that Webster's wants to celebrate the graphic in me...and now you can celebrate the same in you! 

Be on the lookout this week for even more, and very exciting, news about Webster's!

Free, free, free!

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  1. Oh, wow! This would be an awesome team to be on! I think I have to get up the guts to try on this one. :)


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