Friday, January 27, 2012

Behind the Page: Telling Your Story

Do you take the time to tell your story?  Do you scrap your fears, your accomplishments, your celebrations?  Doing so would be like giving yourself a pat on the back or much needed forgiveness.  Your story is as important as your daughter's, son's, husband's and friends'. 

I took some time recently to tell a story.  I didn't use too many words, but the ones I did are important to me.  I am proud of what I have accomplished this past year.  I set some goals and I really stuck to them.  I dug in and shifted my life.  If I can have the will power and self-belief to have worked on myself, then I can overcome anything.  I can become a more even person.  Can keep my patience more.  Can let go of a past that sometimes stands in the way of a future or blocks my ability to live in the present.

Wait...this sounds like a Monday's Musing.  It is all mixing together these days!  I am sharing a page today...a page that has just the right amount of product, heart and sentiment.  A page that was inspired by the goodies I was working evolved because of that!

I love a good theme page and this one is no exception.  This is a new line by Teresa Collins called Everyday Moments...a new direction for her!  I am in love and plan to scrap with it often.  I love the sentiments, the die cut messages and the beautiful color palatte.  The calendar paper led me to think about the past year.  The year where I started out age 40 and decided to make some changes. 

I love the typewriter and the crown.  I love this quote so much!  That button and the little touch of bling!

These cute little letter stickers fit perfectly into the date boxes.  I love how they add a touch of pop!  I have used these pictures before, but don't let that be a barrier.

I wanted to keep the page simple so the story could be told.  Just a few embellishments can add a ton!  It helped me to tell my story.

It is a story worth telling....isn't yours? 


  1. 40 has NEVER looked better!! Gorgeous layout and even more gorgeous person :) I will miss seeing you at CHA assuming you are going :)

  2. This is amazing. You look stunning and the layout is gorgeous!

  3. Love this layout Stacey, one of my favs!!

  4. I love it! You look awesome at 40! :)

  5. You are one beautiful woman, Stacey. And so is your work!

  6. adore this layout and love how you used the collection. also definitely seconding Jing Jing - you can't be 40! :)


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