Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday's Musings: Daddy's Girl?

I always hear the phrases, "momma's boy" and "daddy's girl."  While we are an equal opportunity family, it has been the opposite for us!  Seriously, Nathan idolizes his father and they are two peas in a pod.  He says that he loves us both the same (and I believe that), but I know he has a thing for his dad.  And Ella, well...she has been all about me.  She lives and breathes for my attention.

Except recently, I see her wanting daddy to tuck her in.  I love to watch the dynamic.  It is not threatening to me...I know our children adore us and we feel the same.  It is just interesting.  Will there be moments or phases in time when they switch between favoring one of us?  or will they come to us and love us for different reasons? 

Do you see trends in your you believe in momm's boy and daddy's girl?  I am curious.  I just enjoy slowing down enough some days to observe the relationships. 

So here is to Ella knowing that Steve is her first love...the man who sets the bar for all others!

He is her number fan....

I used Webster's Pages new Game On line for this...I line the colors in this much more than just a sport's line!

I adore these photos of the two of them.  As much as I adore all of thenm Nathan, Steven and Ella.  When I take the time to sit back and watch, I see so many moments...

mostly I see love...unfavored, unconditional love!


  1. Gorgeous page Stacey and I love the story behind it too ~Em xo

  2. wonderful striking page - love the clean design and colors

  3. I have only one daughter and she is still all about me. If I am not around daddy is perfectly okay, but as soon as I enter the house she wants to be with me. I am sure that's going to change when she gets older...

    Beautiful work! Love how you turned the masculine Game On into something soft as this layout.


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