Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Happy Tuesday!  I am here to share a new layout today.  I will admit that I struggled with this one.  I love the Head over Heels line by Lilybee, but couldn't quite settle on the elements of this layout.  Maybe I have been scrapping too much and my mojo is compromised.  It happens sometimes...we push paper.  Sometimes the end result comes out better than you expect.  And those that don't...you don't share!  LOL!

My first dilemna involved the background paper for this.  The line has amazingly beautiful small patterns that are easy to use as background.  Yet, I couldn't settle on one.  I wanted the music paper and the index card to stand out!  So after trying this and that, I settled on white cardstock.

Next, I had a 5 X 3" photo on the layout.  I had the exact design as this one, but it didn't feel right.  So I went smaller with the photograph.  It just seemed better!

So this was one where I sat on it.  Worked a bit and put it aside.  Looked from afar. Tried different options.  Some take time to brew.  Here is what the layout looks like, finally...

I used the January kit from My Scrapbook Nook to make this!  We are hosting a 5 week long crop...awesome challenges, do-able time table and cool prizes.  You should play along!

Maybe that will stop you from pushing paper around!


  1. Awesome work!! Love it :) Doesnt look like you struggled at all.

  2. I can really relate! I had exactly the same dilemma with my latest layout (also Head over Heels from the Jan kit).

    But I LOVE the final result of yours! It was worth struggling for ;-)


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