Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am considering my Word of the Year 2012.  I think I have it narrowed down...I know what I am striving for.  I know what type of home environment I want....I just don't know exactly how to find one word to sum it up...I am almost there.

Have you considered your word yet?  Do you create resolutions?  I like to keep it simple and focus on that word, but I have some goals.

I do want to really enjoy my children over the next year.  They are funny little people.  If I stop cooking, cleaning, rushing and listen...they really crack me up!  And they are full of insights, questions, wonder.  It makes you stop and think.  I so want to let them be carefree more often and let that rub off on me. 

I want to see them smile with that light in their eye.  To feel loved and understood.  To know they can make mistakes and let that be okay.

I used the gorgeous new Sunday Picnic collection to make this...do you see that beautiful winged fairy Silhouette...it does my heart good!  I love those new yellow gems...Ella actually held one up the other day and said, "Oh, this is pretty."  She has good taste!  The collection is available over at the Webster's site and is shipping next week!

Here is to smiles, lessons learned with love, bike rides, feeling the wind in your hair and reflection.  And I will be back to share my word...soon!


  1. Happy New Year! Stacey and what a very nice post and LO.

  2. Sooooooooo beautiful! I loveeeeeeee that photo and loving the papers you used!! I have chosen my word :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. love love love this LO Stace! It's absolutely gorgeous, and the design is dead-on! You know how to rock it! :D

  4. Beautiful page. Happy new year to you and your family !

  5. Beautiful page, my word is ME!!!


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