Thursday, December 27, 2012

Busy Days

Hibernation has set it.  With the hustle of the holiday, it is time for rest.  Scrapping, organizing, redecorating and renovating.

Good stuff.

Life is crazy and busy, but I cherish every single second.  Every time I begin to get annoyed about having to pour another cup of juice or pick up a toy, I remember how lucky I am.  Mindset...

Here is a layout about what a typical week is like.

Gotta love Instragram for the can capture a week, not have photos to process and can create!  I made this layout for the Teresa Collins blog...we are focusing on a week in the life.  It is cool!  I decided to go with a layout and use the Now and Then collection.

This week is about vacation.  And hibernation...


  1. love the clean lines of this!! love scrapping the everyday too. :)

  2. That title work is PHENOMENAL woman! Love this layout so much!

  3. Such a big fan of your work since you guest designed at Scrapbooking from the inside out!


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