Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday At Home: Christmas Decor

As much as I dread dragging out the many boxes of Christmas decorations I own, wrangling with lights and twisting garland...I love getting the house all pretty for Christmas!

I had fun this weekend, mixing and matching goodies.  Some are from places like Target or Joann's, others from right in my backyard...and I like to mix in antiques.

Here are some of my favorite details.

The entryway table.  Some simple decoration...bare pine tree, antique wooden bowl with a candle and berries.  My wire reindeer...

I made this burlap banner at a recent Pinterest inspired craft night.  My friend Sharon organized it and had all the materials ready to go.  We simply used a stencil and black paint to write the letters.  I love how it looks on my stairs.
When you look to the left, you see my living room.  I turn my couch in to the fireplace all winter, which leaves this gorgeous hutch on display.  I went big this year decorating the top.  I grouped all my glass jars and put up my Ikea candlesticks.  These things were only like 6 bucks for a set of three...that rocks.  My tree greets you too!

A close up of one side.  I layered some greens, lights and ornaments.  I wove some wired ribbon through the glass jars to give it texture.  I put things like ornaments, beaded garland and pine cones in the glass jars.

I like to reuse what I have out already.  This is my coffe table in this room. I love this chickenwire it over a wooden bowl filled with pine cones and candles...Easy!  I wrapped some berry garland around the bowl and put the cage right on it...

This grouping is in my dining room on my large hutch.  I simply placed a platter I have had forever behind this tray.  I got it at Joann's on the green plaid.  I layered a wrought iron set of stars and my milk bottles.  It adds a natural, vintage touch.

The only problem now is that we don't want to leave our ever.
I guess that is a good thing...home for the holidays!

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