Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Group Shots

I often stalk people at any and all holiday events, looking for the right opportunity.  I try to catch candid after candid.  This is an okay thing to do and I usually end up with at least one great, memorable shot. 
But what is forgotten is the group shot.  The opportunity to document everyone who is present.  I didn't forget at the Fire Truck Santa event last year and I love the pictures of all the kids together.
It really captures that holiday spirit.  I placed the shots together on this layout.

I love the colors of a group shot...all the variety, how one person may lean into another.  I have to remember to do that more often.

To make this layout, I created somewhat of a grid.  To fill in the empty spaces, I made lots of triangles.  Gosh, I love the triangle.  I made mine in different sizes to add some variety.  I kinda like how they look like Christmas trees.  I used Christmas Cottage by Teresa Collins for this layout!

This year, I am putting the group into focus!

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