Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's Musings: Joy in the Mundane

Life today returned to tasks revolving around normalcy.  With the events this past weekend and the upcoming madness, yet joy, of the holiday is nice to just go about your business...completing simple, everyday tasks.  Making lunches, folding clothes, helping them with homework and making final adjustments to the Christmas list.
There is joy to be found in the everyday moments...times we think are tedious or mundane.  These jobs get us through trying times or cold, winter days.  I so dislike how early it gets dark these days...makes it a bit depressing.  So lighting the fire in the living room after school and making dinner can be comforting.
The kids have been wanting to help a ton lately.  Not with things like picking up toys or sweeping, but with cooking.  They want to pour, mix and mash.  I have been giving them little jobs and making them a part of the dinner time prep.
I can't wait to add to their list of everyday business...chores that make them productive members of our household.  I think they crave that responsibility...when they aren't begging for screens.
This layout shows a soon to be chore.  I imagine Nathan mowing the lawn, Ella feeding the dog...

I grouped some simple embellishments to create the cluster on the top.  I used the Christmas Cottage collection by Teresa Collins to make this design.
I handcut the snowflakes from one of the papers...I love how they pop off the page, yet are monochromatic at the same time.
Everyday moments, family members and rituals.  I am looking at those things with a new set of eyes. 

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