Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Add Bits and Pieces

Start with a simple design...1/4 and 3/4...add in some borders and a journaling card.  How do you make it stand out?

Add in unexpected bits and pieces.  Little cuts of interesting papers placed here and there.

It was my technique for completing this layout.

I love the honeycomb paper and knew I wanted to cut it to include under my photos.  But I just kept cutting little amounts.  I placed them under words and titles.  The triangles were cut from leftover squares. 

I used the Composition & Color line by Allison Kreft to create this.  I truly, hopelessly love this line.  I recently got the sticker page and it makes me so happy.  Those blue letters...I will use them a ton!

My favorite part of this page is the title and how it captures the everyday!  I love how much my son loves to draw.  This was a simple moment caught on my camera phone.  He is wearing his pajamas and coloring as I scrapped right next to him.

Bits and pieces of real life...

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