Sunday, April 7, 2013

At Home: Enjoying the Wait

We are waiting, watching as the last of the renovation job is being completed.  It should only be one more week of dust and paint and grout and design solutions.  It has been a blast to imagine a space, a home and make it come to life!

At home, this looked like this:

Shower is so close to being done...gorgeous tile and granite.  I am in love!

The faucets are waiting to be installed in the countertop...the same countertop that had to be redone.  Yep, one of the sinks was cut off center.  It took us days to notice...our granite guy is great...he fixed it...ripped the first one out and put a new one in.

This week brought running around.  Lots of coffee.

I have been to Ikea three times this month.  Thank god for reasonable prices when a girl needs a renovation solution.  And for the lunch counter...

It brought character dress up day at school.  I am glad my kiddos are still into this.  Life with changing kids has been interesting to say the least.  Sometimes, I just want them to stay young and innocent!

This week has been full of challenges and blessings.  I am very grateful!

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  1. Hang tough! Any changes regarding home can be...well, are...stressful. But in the end it is always worth it. Love the tile...gorgeous! And your kiddos are adorable! Here's wishing you a wonderful week! Happy Monday!


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