Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Make it a Two for One

Have a great vacation or party you want to scrap about?  Too many photos to fit on one page?  How about a double pager?

I have been a bit intimidated by the 12X12 double lately.  A nice alternative is the 8.5 X 11 variety times two!

It is an easy size to work with...just enough space to add those extra details you love!

For this page, I scrapped about one of our favorite summer days.  Unforgettable memories!

These are all Instagram photos.  The phone is always available to capture life's important moments.  I wanted the one of Nathan to be the focal point so I placed it right under the sun!  Love to create suns!

I used the Teresa Collins He Said, She Said line for this layout!  There is a cool sheet of paper with diagonal lines...I cut them up and created the rays!

Life has so many unforgettable moments.  I shared so many this weekend with my siblings...sisters and a brother together.  Four families were united and we had a blast (Tom McGee, Tom McGee, Tom McGee...) There were a billion kids running, eating, laughing and making loads of noise.  Every second was fabulous.  I feel so unbelievably fortunate.  Pictures to come soon!

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