Sunday, April 29, 2012

At Home: Fairy Party

I love planning the kid's birthday parties!  I take great joy in searching ideas for themes, shopping, and creating.  It was a ton of work...but totally worth it every time Ella would squeal and jump up and down upon seeing a new party idea come to life.

At one point, I heard her friends say to her...this is a great party. 

I went to the dollar store for many of the decorations...I lucked out as their garden items were fully stocked!  I decorated the table for a proper luncheon and made our chandelier the centerpiece!  The dessert table was completed by magic mushroom cupcakes.

Each girl arrived at the door and said the fairy pledge.  She received her wings (from Oriental Trading) and her crown (which I made from dollar store items...).  Ella then sprinkled each girl's wings with fairy dust, aka glitter.  They ran around the yard until everyone arrived.

We headed in for lunch...I made little sandwiches cut into hearts and stars.  We made fairy sticks (pretzels) and fairy moss (Pirate Booty) and fairy berries.  And, of course, tea.

For activities, each girl decorated mini birdhouses, aka fairy houses that I bought at Joann's for a buck each.  We also decorated wands that I got at Oriental Trading.  I jazzed each wand up with curly ribbon from the dollar store and extra ribbons from my stash.  We played musical toadstools...musical chairs.  The last activity was a scavenger hunt where each girl had to find a golden necklace, earrings, a feather, a gold coin and a wishing rock. The put their loot in little gauze bags I got from the dollar store.

The day resulted in this....

This happy face...which makes it all worth it!  Always!


  1. Awww... That is SO cute!! ♥

  2. LOVE want my bday party to look like that. I'm sure i can still wear wings!

  3. What a success! I agree with you, that smile is priceless!

  4. Looks like they all had a wonderful time!!! :)

  5. Oh what a lovely party!!!

    Lilith - I wore wings on my wedding day so I bet you could!!!

  6. such an adorable party!!!!!

  7. So darn cute!! Love the ideas. Thanks for sharing. LOVE that she felt like a princess. :)


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