Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Musings: Committment

I made a life-changing decision about a year ago this month.  I was determined to get fit and healthy.  To stop feeling icky in my clothes.  To do something instead of talking about doing something.

Making a committment is hard.  It takes dedication, consistency, will-power and goal setting.  It was not always easy, but I did it anyway.  Who would have thought that a box of discs could make such a difference for me.

I proved something to myself.  I made myself proud.  It became so much more than just fitness.

This past month, I was moving on to part two of what I started.  P90X2 was released and I decided to try it.  I felt awesome, strong, capable.

Maybe too much so because with only 9 workouts left after 12 grueling weeks, I overdid it.  I was hurt.  There was no choice but to rest and be patient.

Life changes in ways we don't always want it to.  It has been hard waiting, going slow.  But I think it is symbolic of life...what we want isn't always what we end up with.  There are bumps in the road and how you choose to go over them is what matters.

You can turn and decide to go in another direction or you can climb that bump, slow and steady. 

I decided it was high time to scrap this topic.  To put on paper what my kids have seen me conquer for a year.  I hope they learn about committment and effort and what effect it can have.

I used the April My Scrapbook Nook kit to create this!  It features Crate Paper Storyteller!

It was time to recognize this...and make myself realize that this is a way of life...

fast and furious or slow and steady...


  1. awesome page Stace! I love the way the circle (and stars) are spread across the page. I also REALLY admire you for your dedication. I have to say...I see those P90X infomercials and immediately think of you. seriously. lol! :D

  2. So L-O-V-E that you scrapped about this experience Stacey. It will be such a great reminder of all that you accomplished. So proud of you my girl xo

  3. Congratulations on your accomplishments and dedication. No easy thing you did there! Love the layout you made to document this important change in your life!

  4. ah a new perfect page - I really love the proffessional pages you allways deliver.. professional wioth lots of feeling too ♥

  5. Congrats my friend for you accomplishments and dedication!! Great layout with a fab design! Love it♥

  6. Congrats!! I love the composition of your layout!! Love the way you arranged everything. Beautiful!

  7. Amazing layout Stacey and congrats on keeping up!

  8. Beautiful layout and wonderful topic! You should be so proud of your committment. (Are those 35 lb weights I see? You GO girl!) You'll be back in the groove in no time. LOVE the fairy part post below. What lucky little girls!!!


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