Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Trending: Making My Own Stuff

This Thursday leaves me preparing for this Saturday...Ella's birthday party.

This Thursday has me rummaging through bags of goods I bought this past Wednesday.

This Thursday leaves me prepping jobs as much as I possibly can so maybe I can scrap this Friday night.

It is all good.  Busy, full, a bit crazy.

Ella is turning six soon and we are celebrating this weekend with 9 girls from school.  I am so excited for this party.  They will be transformed into woodland fairies!  Pinterest is the best place ever so tonight I was making custom-made fairy crowns.  I could have bought them, but decided to make my own stuff from dollar store headbands, berry garland and butterflies.  Cute stuff coming your way on Sunday At Home!

Making my own stuff makes me happy, creative, energized.  Whether creating a page or planning a party, building a cute vignette with found speaks to my soul.

This Thursday I have a layout.  It belongs to me.  One pattern was designed and I decided to turn it into something else.  Isn't that the beauty of what we do?

This is the beautiful Palm Beach collection from Webster's!  Those ovals are an homage to striped umbrellas.  On the original sheet of paper, they are mixed in with pink flamingos.  They are adorable!  I wanted to use this line for these photos and had the idea to look at these as little mirrors.  Lots of them.

I layered in a doilie and a Perfect Accent Silhouette!  Love the whole cameo theme!  It has a pop, yet is considered clean and simple.

Life is what you make of it.

This Thursday and every day...


  1. how brilliant, love your design and the pop of the green, amazing my friend♥

  2. Brilliant use of the ovals. Love how this one turned out. So... perfect.

  3. This is just amazing. It's so you and I LOVE the green!


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