Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Musings: Wedding Day Jitters

I might have them, a little bit, even though it isn't my wedding day...

I am traveling to a special wedding next week...celebrating the union of two sister is getting hitched.  In joining her, I am joining lots of family I have never met. I will be a part of her big day, which means so much.

In joining her, I will be joining parts of my life, parts of my hearts, parts of my past.  It is a bit scary...overall, I am excited and look forward to it.

I have wedding on the brain.  I want a pretty dress so I feel as comfortable as I can...because I am sure I will not feel emotionally comfortable the whole time.  Life is about facing things, learning, growing, uniting, celebrating...I am ready for that.

If you had ever asked me if I thought I would be traveling to the state where my father lived, to the place where I have two sisters and a brother...I would have said that it wouldn't happen.

But here we are...

I think I will take a moment during it all and thank him.  Thank him for watching over Sara and I guess, watching over me.  His passing resulted in things I don't think he ever expected.  He must be so proud of her.  I imagine he is proud of me too.

Heavy...joyous...all at once.

I made this layout a while back...It is about what role forgiveness has played in my life. 

Her day will be beautiful and wonderful, a celebration and a new many ways, it will be exactly the same for me. 



  1. Oh Stacey what a lovely post. I know you'll have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Your layout is just STUNNING!

  2. Thinking of you!!
    ...and the page is beautiful!

  3. Thinking of you too. Your LO is very nice.

  4. I love the page but I understand your feelings. Life does throw us many challenges, doesn't it? Good luck with yours!

  5. Thinking of you. it's a lovely page and I hope you can find something good out of the trip.

  6. What a tender post Stacey. Forgiveness is HUGE. It grows our own heart. I have no doubt that wedding is going to be very emotional, and very healing all in the same afternoon xo


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