Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings: Love Autumn

Autumn brings home to life...makes you want to cherish Sunday morning time in front of the fire place.  We all found ourselves there today.  As Nathan would say, our whole family is there because kitty and the dog were present too.  There we were, all cuddled up on two arm chairs.

There is nothing better.  That chill in the air, wanting to make soup, big sweaters.  Leaves, pumpkins.  Halloween, which oddly enough, I hated as a child.  I know love as a mom. 

Then there is Thanksgiving.  No better holiday in my opinion.  The best food, the best feeling.

I think Autumn is a time to hunker down.  Figure out what will be important during the winter months.  Find yourself and have quiet time.

It has moments like this too:

The pumpkin patch...full of my favorite things.  Full of my happy kids running up and down the row.  I love finding the just right ones.  Letting the kids pick whatever they want. 

I used Vintage Finds from Teresa Collins on this one.  I believe this layout was used in Archiver's to promote this beans.  I went with circles to go with the pumpkins.

A little burlap, one of my other fall favorites.
I have been thinking about all the devastation on the East Coast.  Those families who can't enjoy fall right now, those who don't have homes left.  It breaks my heart.  I wish there was more that could be done.
Makes me realize the true gift of those autumn Sunday mornings...

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